Super Duper!
as in the super duplication of dvds and cds!
dvds and theyre done dirt cheep!

How cheep?

Cds        dvds
50 - $30        50 - $35
100 - $55        100 - $65
200 - $100        200 - $125

all duped onto all white inkjet printable media

Q - what if I have my own cd or dvd media that I want to supply?
A - then its 25 cents per copy

Q - Do these prices include shipping?
A - No. there are like 8 million shipping options. e-mail me and we can go over them - and of course if you are local you can just drop off and pick-up!

Q - how fast can I get my job done?
A - Probably a week but it depends what else I have going on- please always e-mail me before sending a job in especially if its got a specific time line!

Q - what if I have other questions?
A - Good question! E-mail me with super duper in the subject line!

Q - Can I pay with pay pal?
A - Well seeing as how you have to go to the post office anyway to send me your master... just send a check or money order!!!

Send to Super Duper:
14 Olneyville Sq.
Providence, RI 02909

But remember to check in first about what the return shipping costs will be!!! Thanks.