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Savonnara Alex Sok is a Cambodian/ American visual artist based in Providence, Rhode Island who engages with the community through live painting events, murals, and working with youth. Savonnara started creating art at the age of 14 and received a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Although art was never a direct career path for Savonnara, it was an ever present passion in his life as a personal passion and in the form of therapy and freelance commission work. As his life progressed Savonnara was able to merge passion with his professional life and he began working as a Teaching Artist at AS220 Youth in the spring of 2021, during virtual programming due to the pandemic. He was then promoted in Spring of 2022 and is now AS220 Youth’s Visuals & Media Arts Coordinator.His inspiration is influenced from his Cambodian heritage, growing up in America as a child of refugee parents fleeing from the Khmer Rouge genocide. Other influences include being bipoc centered, love, death, community, social and racial injustices and human nature are ever present in his work.
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