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André Brown, Ryan Cardoso, & Rue Sakayama Photography at the Wedding Cake House 2011 - 2019


This exhibition is comprised of photography that took place in the Wedding Cake House while it was in disrepair, abandoned and while under construction between the years 2011 - 2019.

ANDRÉ BROWN - Miami based photographer André M. Brown, formerly of Providence, is a life-long creative obsessed with finding beauty, magic and humor in mundane overlooked places. Between 2011-19, the Wedding Cake House served as his beloved muse. André is grateful that she is now entrusted in the loving, ingenious and capable hands of the Dirt Palace.

RYAN CARDOSO is a visual artist exploring the portrait and its importance in archiving the elegance, domesticity, and relationships of the black mundane through photography and film.

RUE SAKAYAMA is a photographer, textile artist and avid crafter and maker of things. Raised by a textile
designer and a musician/composer in NYC, she spent her high school years in music school and
interning at the international center of photography. Although she graduated RISD with a BFA in the
Film department('06), the majority of her professional work is within the photography industry and
spans the niches of product, branding, portraiture, architecture and construction documentation. Her
other artistic practices include fine art textile drawing by sewing, as well as designing and
constructing garments.
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