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You may notice that we’re doing fewer group residencies by application this season. This is because we are adapting programming around an exhibition that we are planning for 2026 called Maintenance Schedule. Some of our residency programming will be focused on artists working towards that exhibition. If you are interested in learning more info about Maintenance Schedule check the FAQ on our Wedding Cake House Residencies Info page.




TBA this summer



We’ve included all of the questions below in case you want to cut & paste them into a doc and write out answers before putting them into the application form. For clarity ALL applications must be submitted through the linked google form above - responses sent by email, carrier pigeon, or pony express won’t find their way into the pile! 


Application Basics (note this is slightly different depending on if you choose Group or Duo on the form): Name (or names if a joint application), e-mail, phone #
We are able to accommodate: individuals, partners or small teams who want to come together (and  participate fully as either individual artists or collaborators) sharing a room. We have rooms with queen/king beds that can be shared, as well as rooms that have an additional small or pull out bed. If you are looking to apply as a pair or small group sharing one room, please indicate that here. Note, most of this application addresses the applicant using the pronoun "you", however if you are applying as a pair or group please feel free to include information for each person, or for the collaborative project if more appropriate. (multiple choice)
I’m applying:
  • Solo
  • As two artists that can share a bed (for group residencies only)
  • As two artists that would like a room with 2 beds
  • As a trio - two of us can share a bed and another person can sleep on the pullout bed
Residency dates for which you are applying (check more than one box if multiple date ranges work for you). If you check more than one box please use the space in the following question to write in if you have 1st, 2nd choices etc (checkboxes)
  • 2023 Nov 12th - 21st, Group Residency
  • 2024 Jan 22nd - 31st, Group Residency
  • 2024 Feb 4th - Feb 13th, Group Residency
If you selected more than one box please share any information about your availability or date preferences, etc.
Facilities/resources/needs: please check all facilities/studios/tools that would be needed for your residency stay - use the "other" choice to write in anything else including specific needs. 
  • Access to Print Shop at DP Classic
  • Access to "Big Room" at DP Classic
  • Access to Sound Rehearsal studio at DP Classic
  • ADA accessible residency suite (Group residencies only)
  • Sewing machine
  • Work table in my room
  • Other (fill in the blank) 
Project description: Please describe in 500 words or less what you’d like to work on during a residency at the Wedding Cake House. Please describe realistic projects/or ongoing progress on an existing project that takes into account the specifics of this residency i.e. you’ve likely got about 60-100 hours give or take a little depending on how much you socialize/sleep. It's ok if your description is loose and you change it up at some point. However, if you do anticipate using certain facilities or know what media you’ll be working with, that’s very helpful to describe here.
About You: Please use this space to link to something that will give reviewers a sense of where you are in your artistic trajectory. This could be: a resume, a CV, a timeline, or a short 1-2 paragraph bio outlining your creative path. If applying as more than one artist, include info for each artist in the group
Work Samples: paste links below: Still images: 8 -12 max. Please put these into a google slide presentation and share a link below. Video or audio: 5 minutes or less - please share as a link. Writing: 5 pages or less - please share as a link to a google doc or pdf. If your work is interdisciplinary, we're pumped, but be reasonable! If you're going to share work in multiple formats, provide less in each format. If you are sharing a google doc link, make sure the link is set so that "anyone can view"
  • I have read all of the information in the WCH Winter Group Residency document (link). I understand that if I am invited to participate in a residency that I must provide proof of vaccination and fill out an emergency medical contact form. 
Demographic information: 
This information is collected for statistical purposes and to help us better serve our community. Responses are not required.
Date of birth
City or town of residence


LGBTQ+ identified
Do you identify as someone with a disability?
If you have questions that the linked document does not answer, please feel free to contact us at
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