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Every day six thousand cars and a bustling flow of foot traffic pass through the heart of Olneyville Square. The Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery faces this lively intersection and is free and open to the public 24 hours a day. Since its inception in 2000 we have co-curated a monthly art installation in the gallery. Ongoing for decades, this public art project has featured the work of hundreds of local, national, and international artists, community groups, and youth arts programming.
The Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery is curated by staff with input from our board and members of the Dirt Palace. We curate by invitation and the space is often booked 6 months in advance. We do not accept unsolicited proposals, in part because we don’t want to waste artists’ time preparing proposals if we’re already booked or not interested.  However we are always excited to learn about new artists. If you would be interested in being invited to present an installation in our space please send us a link to your website, or to photos that are related to the project that you would like to propose.  We’ll review communications regularly and let you know if we’d like you to prepare a more formal proposal.
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