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Rajon Amaru and Norman Alexander are a child-parent team from San Francisco/Oakland who have been developing an Art Project called Destruction / Construction since 2020. Originally started as a means to reuse ‘older toys’ and as an at-home-pandemic-activity to learn to use tools in a proper an safe manner, it involves taking apart and collaging/gluing back together toy parts to make surprising recombinations that draw from Rajon Amaru’s 4th & 5th Grade classroom lessons & current socio-political events. 

RA & NA also draw, spray paint, learn and grow closer together through creativity, one-on-discussion & expanding on what is presented in the Oakland Unified School District where RA is presently in the 6th Grade.

While now living in California, Norman A. Ospina Q. has deep roots in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, RI. NA lived on Erastus Street while attending HS in the late 80’s, held his first jobs at St. Theresa's church and later (early 2000’s) was an active member with the Olneyville Neighborhood Association (ONA).

For further Artist information, NA & RA can be reached at:
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