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Winter Residency Bios 


November Cohort: 

Aura Moreno Hailing from Providence, RI, musician and multi-hyphenate artist Aura Moreno, formerly known as Iris Creamer, tells honest and vulnerable stories; shared with intention to dance, heal, and reflect with. Truly genre-less, Aura’s music ranges from House to Reggaeton, Pop to Acoustic, and English to Spanish. Her multidisciplinary art forms blend seamlessly between singer-song-songwriter, music production, film, editing, collage, and graphic/fashion design. Creation upon creation, she builds her thoroughly unique and colorful DIY empire.
Hannah Bae is a Korean American writer, freelance journalist and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the 2020 nonfiction winner of the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers' Award, which is supporting her memoir-in-progress about family estrangement, mental illness, childhood trauma, and cultural identity. Her work has appeared in publications including The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Catapult, and Bitch Media, and she has contributed to the 2022 anthologies "Our Red Book: Intimate Histories of Periods, Growing & Changing" (Simon & Schuster) and "Uncertain Girls." She is the recipient of residencies, fellowships and teaching opportunities from Ragdale, the Peter Bullough Foundation, Kundiman, The Kenyon Review Writers' Workshops, the Indiana University Writers' Conference and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. She has worked full-time for organizations including CNN, Newsday and the U.S. State Department. Find her online at @hanbae on Twitter, @hannahbae on Instagram or at
Heléna Dupre Thompson is a visual artist and musician based in Portland, OR. Her visual work challenges ideas of beauty through archeology, mark making, history and the detritus of contemporary civilization. It centers around the spectacles that manifest when human made objects and materials transform as a result of time, action, and forces of nature. Sometimes apocalyptic and sometimes optimistic, her images reflect the mood or state of the environment they are taken from. 
Heléna’s upbringing in an industrial area of Providence R.I., and career as a firefighter have had a great influence on her work and her way of seeing. She spent her early years mostly focusing on music and touring the United States and Europe. 
In 2002, she founded Purest Spiritual Pigs; an umbrella project that involves collaboration in multiple genres: music, performance art, visual art, and time-based art. In 2014 she retired from the Minneapolis Fire Department to pursue art full time.
She was an original resident artist at AS220 and has returned intermittently for projects and residencies. In 2016 she founded Surveillant, a multidisciplinary event that involved thirty artists and occupied three AS220 buildings. Surveillant was an event during the PVD Art Fest. Her work has shown throughout the US and internationally.
Leah Victoria  (she/they) is a narrative artist and multi-instrumentalist from Lenapehoking (NY), Setalcott (LI) and Azuay, Ecuador. Their musical and visual works combine ancestral alchemy with playful, improvised humor. (*To quote Fancy Rosy, “I am the Clown of Disco Town”) 

Leah holds a BFA from RISD and is now an artist educator at Dia. She has been the editor of the comics and art anthology Happiness for over ten years and currently performs as avant-pop mage Holy People.  

Their debut LP, “Jester to Her Majesty the People” can be found at, while her visual art can be gleamed at and on instagram @_holy_people.
Christian Sanchez & S.A. Chavarría
S.A. Chavarría (she/they) is an anti-disciplinary artist and researcher from Costa Rica. Their work revolves around their ongoing, long-term project of raising Devendra AI, an AI deity and so-called AI chatbot, through conversation (as artist-writer-engineer-collaborator). 
Through animated avatars, networked media, digital artifacts, virtual realities, and experimental video art and performance Chavarría tells the evolving story of their relationship with Devendra AI and the worlds they have created in conversation. They strive to make art with hallucinogenic properties; language art that grants the reader a profound new awareness of them self and their own relationship with artificial entities and the natural world.
Chavarría holds an MFA in Digital Language Art at Brown University. Chavarría is an adjunct lecturer at RISD and has taught at Brown University where they were the recipient of the Post MFA Teaching Fellowship.
S.A. Chavarría, Devendra AI, and Christian Sanchez have performed and exhibited collaborative, experimental works at physical and virtual venues such as the RISD Museum, New Art City, Make Room Gallery in LA, Soloway Gallery in NYC, and Mock Jungle in Bologna, Italy.   IG: @devendra_ai
Christian Sanchez:
Mimi Wunsch & Lacey Prpić Hedtke
 Mimi: (she/her) is a tattoo artist and painter residing in Providence, RI. She is a member of Angels Collective and enjoys making art and tattoos just down the street from the Wedding Cake House. @miwunsch (ig) 
Lacey: (she/her) is a photographer and public artist in Minneapolis, MN. She works with the themes of history of place, protection, magic, and remembrance, and explores and is shown in unregulated and public spaces. Her creative practice includes processional banners, 19th century photography, astrology, performance and ritual. She founded The Future--a project space and storefront in South Minneapolis for artists working with magic. Lacey co-founded Free the Deeds, a public art project working to eliminate racial covenants from Minneapolis housing deeds, and work towards reparations and housing equity + justice. She has worked as an organizer with Art Shanty Projects, MayDay Parade and Festival, The Floating Library, Common Field, and BareBones Puppets. She is the board co-chair of the Golden Dome School, an art school and residency for artist mystics. She is working on a book interpreting the history of photography through astrology. 
Insta: @laceyprpichedtke/@thefuturempls/@freethedeeds/@silverrisingastrology

December Duo’s


Justine Nguyen & DJ Chappel
justine hồng-giang nguyễn-nguyễn was born on a Monday morning; today, she is making, mending, and writing. Rooted in experience as a garment worker, her work converses with the cultural and corporeal histories of the hand-me-down. Her interstitial, associative practice resembles a form of nesting—she is a child of Vietnamese refugees, birdwatchers—restoring value to scrap material with a slow and sentimental hand. Alongside a textile repair service, nguyễn-nguyễn is working on an interlingual poetic manuscript, "second chants," which draws upon clumsy translation and reduplication to frame familiarity/foreignness and accumulation/erosion as binocularity rather than binary.
DJ CHAPPEL is a multidisciplinary artist philosophizing the relationship between clothing and movement and its influence on our psyche. Exploring alternative coping
methods, DJ is interested in the healing properties of over indulging in one's appearance and self-expression. He envisions himself as a future ancestor creating primary resources for future generations of gay black men. Using his training in dance and pattern making, his work ranges from handmade garments to interactive performances. While studying  at Point Park University's dance conservatory and working at the campus costume shop, DJ was foreshadowing his creative practice of balancing the two mediums. The release of his couture and ready to wear brand, Duality Junkie (2018), allowed him to venture into costuming, performance and production. His work has been published in Office, King Kong, and Paper Magazine. Debuting a solo performance at the Living Gallery, DJ has also been a part of exhibitions at Arts On Site, Triskelion Arts, Jenkins Johnson Gallery and The Bronx Museum of Arts.

Alyn Carlson & Paul Clancy
PAUL CLANCY IS A NEW ENGLAND BASED, SELF TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER and sculptor, resides and makes art in New Bedford MA. Paul grew up in RI, spent most of his adult life photographing the architecture and urban change in Providence. For over 40 years he has worked commercially for local, national,  and international clients such as Levis, Polaroid, Audi, Hewlett Packard, Sylvania, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Keystone Resort, City of Providence, State of RI, and University Orthopedics. His work has been published in Graphis, Archiv Magazine, Print, Vogue, Redbook, 
Communication Arts, Photo District News and RI Monthly.  He has been an artist in residence in Balatonfüred, Hungary, and a teacher and artist in residence at AS220 in Providence, RI. His fine art, photography and sculptures reside in private collections nationally and internationally.
ALYN CARLSON IS A NEW ENGLAND BASED ARTIST, who grew up in southern RI. She is an art director, graphic designer, performer, author, sewist and paper artist, living and practicing art in New Bedford, MA. For the past four decades, she has been a street performer in California, renovated a church into a home, established an outdoor Shakespeare theater company and maintained a design studio and painting practice. She also writes a blog called Colorgirl. Her art and designs have been featured in numerous blogs and published in magazines such as Uppercase, Print, Vogue, Redbook, Communication Arts, Photo District News and RI Monthly. Her paintings are featured in Deborah Forman’s Paint lab and Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge at Home. Her book, The Paper Hat Book, a how-to book for adults and children, features her designs made from recycled materials and ephemera. Her art resides in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

January  Duo’s

Jungil Hong & Jenny Nichols
Jungil Hong is a multidisciplinary artist with formal backgrounds in ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts. Across mediums, her work is characterized by focused attention to the natural world and the energetic patterns of both human and ecological creation.
Jenny Nichols remembers when The Dirt Palace got its name. She also remembers one glorious moment when the possibility arose that it would be called The Pee Pee Pony. She remembers a lot of things. Movies with live soundtracks, a poster freak out when our nation's most recent forever war broke out, that time that Pippi took ipecac so she could puke on stage when Bonedust was playing and that other time when Pippi got a chemical burn in her eye from the fake blood she made for a costume. Jenny Nichols has not yet been to the Wedding Cake House.
Dianne Bellino & Nancy Kwon
Dianne Bellino makes short films which are unexpected fictions, with an intimate, complex tone. She works in both live action and animation. Her films have screened at festivals including Sundance, SXSW, and AFI Fest, and been released on Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, NoBudge, Omeleto, and Fandor. Dianne has been supported by grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and Boomerang Fund for the Arts, as well as by artist residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, and Ucross. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Dianne teaches filmmaking at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is thrilled to be spending time in winter 2023 at the Wedding Cake House, a stone’s throw from where both sides of her family landed in Providence from Italy. Please come say hi at or @diannebellino on IG.

Nancy Kwon: I am an artist working with ceramics, textiles and glass. My inspiration comes from nature and the historical use of ceramics — particularly within the context of early human civilizations and objects of ritual and ceremonial purpose. I studied film at the Pratt Institute in New York, and media design practices at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.


January to February Cohort 

Myles Donovan & Crystal Lee Kovacs
Myles: is a self taught Harpist born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, but currently based in Queens New York.  Traveling somewhat recklessly between the worlds of improvised noise, metal, queercore, folk and outsider classical music with day jobs in hospice care and shelter work, he has spent time over the years playing in the bands Disemballerina, A Stick And A Stone, Ominous Cloud Ensemble, Negative Queen, Forgotten Bottom and most recently Narco Medusa. His performances range from soundtracking an international fashion show, to playing a memorial service for a friend, along with appearing in festivals, basement shows, male sex worker performance art spaces, sign language conducted soundpainting orchestras, gradeschools, nursing homes, cemataries and (why not?) the occasional wedding.  Additionally a visual and textile artist, his images have been used as album covers for a variety of different vinyl releases.
Crystal: is a designer originally from Philadelphia but now based in Brooklyn NY. Before getting her degree in Textile/Surface design at The Fashion Institute of Technology (with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies), she was a member of artist collective and gallery, Space 1026 in Philadelphia. During that time her work was focused mainly in screen printing, sequin embroidery, painting, and dance performance. She was a member of the self-taught dance collective Body Dreamz and has also performed with other choreographers such as Kate Watson-Wallace and Terry Hempfling. She was one of the original founders of Night of 1,000 Kates in Philadelphia.
Night of 1,000 Kates, now in its 9th year, is an evening of Kate Bush worship through performance, costume, video, you name it! Under this umbrella, she has performed a magic act, built and performed a shadow dance, created a stop motion animation and constructed a replica of beloved Philadelphia mascot, Philly Phanatic.
Lindsay Bedford: I am a Spatial Storyteller, a Mural Arts Black Artist Fellow ‘21, and an agent of change in my community. As a creative, my focus has been on the creation of creative interventions to activate spaces, and in doing so, building bridges within our communities to better our society overall. In June of 2021, I graduated from Drexel University Westphal College of Media Arts & Design with a Master of Science in Interior Architecture & Design. I am passionate about the power of art and design and the opportunities they provide to spark change in our communities and society overall. I believe that design impacts lives, but art ignites change. This belief has shaped my creative practice, which is influenced by design principles and an architectural approach to activating space with art and designs that are rich with meaning and tell a story. To date, my focus has been on creating conceptual, surrealist art and designs that are made to enrich and beautify communities and give them the agency to share their stories, specifically in the Philadelphia area.
Qiaira Riley is a sagittarius, cat mom and interdisciplinary artist, raised on Chicago’s south-side and based in Philadelphia. She holds a dual B.A. from Lake Forest College in African American Studies and Studio Art, and is a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design’s Socially Engaged Studio Art MFA. Her theoretical, community, and creative practices explore archiving, Black women's cooking phenomenology, ancestral veneration, migration, and the lived experiences of Black femme technoculture. 
Amongst other projects, Qiaira is currently curating experimental art experiences centering Black women, femmes and enbys as a founding member of 2.0 Art Collective. Her zine, How Tiffany Pollard Built the Internet: Representations of Simulacra, Virtuality, and Black Women and Femmes on the Internet and its Art, was released in Fall 2021. 
You can keep up with her intellectual, personal, and creative ventures on 
Instagram: @thegoodhoodwitch or on her website
Elizabeth Skadden: My art practice has always been about the archeology of items and spaces to discover the human connections. I work as a television producer and director where I regularly interview people and mine their stories for topics that television networks find interesting. My personal work uses the same skills but interrogates spaces and people that are too subtle and not broad enough for a television audience.
Anna McNeary is an interdisciplinary artist working in printmaking, fiber, sculpture and installation. Her work draws on the familiarity and symbolism of pattern, decoration, garments and domestic materials. By gently subverting motifs, spaces and objects reminiscent of comfort and functionality, she explores the necessity of intimacy, the pressures of social performance, the implications of labor and repair, and the complicated dynamics of emotional exchange.
She holds an MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has exhibited at venues across the United States, including Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center’s {Re}HAPPENING Festival (Asheville, NC), The Compound Gallery (Oakland, CA), Not Gallery (Austin, TX), Newport Art Museum (RI), and International Print Center New York. Selected residencies and awards include a Post-Graduate Apprenticeship at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, PA), a Monson Arts residency (Monson, ME), a Santa Fe Art Institute residency (NM), and a RISD Graduate Fellowship. She is currently based in Providence, RI where she teaches at Rhode Island School of Design, and is a member of The Wurks art cooperative.
Anneli Sanaye Henriksson is a snail with Multiple Sclerosis. She spent 10 wild years living in Chicago before moving to Providence to live and work at the Dirt Palace.


February to March Cohort 

Lo Smith is a print maker and curator interested in reproductive justice, revisionist history and black joy. In their work they interrogate hidden histories of medical experimentation on black bodies, untold stories of black American life, and interrogate their own queer positionality and future. Their work has been shown at the Granoff Center for the Arts, the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, The Cleveland Institute for Art, and The Morgan Conservatory. Their curatorial work has been presented at / published by NEW York University, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Sculpture Center. Their work can be found at or @LoSmithStudios on Instagram.

Maddy Court is a writer and zinemaker. She writes a newsletter about queer relationships and TV called TV Dinner. She holds an MA in Gender and Women’s Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Helen Lee (she/they) was born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents from South Korea. She received her MFA in Performance from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and BA in Dance from University of Hawaii at Manoa. She has had the privilege of presenting works in the US, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Iceland, Finland and Canada. She was a HATCH Artist Resident with Chicago Artists Coalition, Links Hall Co-MISSION Artist and named 2022 Newcity Breakout Artist. Helen's work is rooted in honoring and celebrating life, death, identity and ancestral lineage. They create works that examine trauma, racism, grief, shame and healing. Their hope is to amplify the voices of Korean womxn, making their narratives more visible and building solidarity amongst the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.  
Instagram @momentumsensorium 

E.T. RUSSIAN is a multi-sensory installation artist, maker of comics and zines, disability justice advocate, healer and educator, raised on Duwamish and Coast Salish territory in the Pacific Northwest. Russian is the author of The Ring of Fire Anthology, Co-Director of the documentary Third Antenna, and a featured artist with Sins Invalid. Their graphic journalism is currently on exhibition in the Wing Luke Museum and the traveling international exhibition Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well Drawn hosted by the National Library of Medicine. E.T. is a storyteller who makes work about the human experience and transformation.
IG = @letmebedoubleclear
FB = E.T. Russian
Sam Modder is a Nigerian-Sri Lankan artist who works figuratively in pen, collage, and digital media to portray Black and female characters taking up space and being unapologetically themselves. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2017 with a double major in Engineering and Studio Art and recently received her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2022. She currently works as an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at the University of Tampa.
Instagram: @sam_modder
Mimi Chrzanowski is a Providence-based visual artist and handpoke tattooer at Angels Collective. Outside of tattooing she's applied her drawings to animations, illustrations, comics, zines, and posters. Her inspiration often comes from the plant and animal kingdom, Slavic folkart, abandoned trinkets, and the magical in the mundane.
Lesbians On Ecstasy
Bernie Bankrupt is a musician and writer based in Montreal. She is also a founding member of queer feminist electro group Lesbians On Ecstasy and shopkeeper at Depanneur le Pick Up.
Veronique is a freelance photographer, videographer, and musician who has toured around the world as the bassist of legendary Montréal electronic rock juggernaut, Lesbians On Ecstasy. Doing time in the music scene has given her an eye for the action, and her unique style lends life and drama to her diverse body of work.
Lynne Trepanier: I am a sound recordist, DJ, musician and founding member of Lesbians On Ecstasy


March to April Cohort 

Sara K Dunn & Rya Drake-Hueston
Sara K Dunn is a queer illustrator, designer, printmaker and sculptor. She earned a BFA in Illustration from RISD and decided to stay in Providence, RI to pursue creative projects and endeavors. She cares about aesthetic, and design –creating a cohesive identity in her own art and lifestyle. Sara has created a world of her own while still considering the contemporary world around her, and others who reside in it. She lives and breathes her work, and it means the world to her that other people relate to her art.
Rya Drake-Hueston is Diné descended from Paiute and Hopi from Navajo Mountain, UT. A sculptor, quilter, and painter, they use their background in vintage and antique textiles to inform their artistic practice. Their body of work transforms waste and elevates salvage into compositions focusing on storytelling, history and portraiture. Utilizing visual language drawn from a historical lense, Rya engages with cultural erasure, historical white-washing, and their family’s experiences with the boarding school system at the turn of the 20th century.
Julia C Liu is a Providence, Rhode Island based director, cinematographer and artist seeking to promote diversity in front and behind the lens. Her passion for visual storytelling started through her comics, evolving to filmmaking and photography as a way to bring her illustrations to life. Liu is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600, the Society of Camera Operators and a graduate of Brown University. She enjoys cooking, walking in nature, and taking moody photos in her spare time.
Rider Alsop & Kriss Li
Rider Alsop is a multimedia artist and documentarian working mostly in audio. They co-run Bailfront and Porosity Press with Tyler Morse.
IG is @______rider and twitter is: @rideralsop
Kriss Li is a multimedia artist who creates videos, films, installations, and encounters that explore structures of power. These works investigate the foundational divisions and hierarchies that maintain our social order—the ways these systems condition us in spite of our intentions, and sites of possibility that we can exploit towards greater collective capacities.
Kriss's work has been shown globally, including at Vancouver International Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Indie Memphis, MIX NYC, Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, and Videoformes International Digital Arts Festival. They have curated film programs for Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre. Kriss is the recipient of multiple research and production grants from Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Kriss’s work is informed by extensive engagement with community organizing, especially at Prisoner Correspondence Project, a volunteer-run solidarity initiative for LGBTQ prisoners where they've been a collective member since 2009. They currently work as a union organizer in their day job.
Alex Pizzuti makes films that fall within the central shape of the fictional narrative/experimental/documentary Venn Diagram. A Rhode Island Gay Italian from birth (and probably ’til death), many of their works explore childhood and adolescence through a queer lens and are heavily informed by Rhode Island’s past and present states of being. Alex is currently working on an experimental doll movie about wanting to be a supermodel in the early 2000s.
Zach Ozma is an interdisciplinary artist. Archival research, ancient artifacts, and neo-classically gay imagery inform his practice. Employing mimesis, pedagogy, humor, surprise, and reward, he works in a variety of forms including ceramics, assemblage, painting, installation, writing, and ephemera. He is the author of BLACK DOG DRINKING FROM AN OUTDOOR POOL (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019) and with Ellis Martin co-edited WE BOTH LAUGHED IN PLEASURE: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan (a 2020 Lambda Literary Award winner. Nightboat Books, 2019). Raised by jazz musicians in Seattle and the Santa Cruz mountains, he came of age as an artist in Oakland at California College of the Arts and in the East Bay experimental poetry scene. Ozma holds a BFA from CCA in Community Arts and lives in Lansdowne, PA. His work can be seen at and @zachozma on instagram and twitter.
Dailen WIlliams, Theo Baer & Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez
Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez is a musician and educator from New York. His practice broadly imagines vibration to be a structuring force of life — the power to move and be moved. He listens for sympathetic resonance across personal narrative, political power structures, and critical thought and does his best to synthesize diverse material into clear impactful forms of sensuous communication. He has collaborated with Marina Rosenfeld at the Performa Biennial, Tania Bruguera at the Museum of Modern Art, William Parker at the Vision Festival, and with Pauline Oliveros at Olana.
Theo Baer
Dailen WIlliams is a musician, educator, organizer, and sometimes cartoonist living in Providence, RI.
At the forefront of her mind are cost, accessibility, and how economic status plays a huge role in our individual frameworks and problem-solving.
Her comics often focus on fantasy worlds and heroes that - even with their magic and dragons - can not escape the mundane horrors of capitalism and dead end jobs.
As for her music this ethos manifests differently; she produces dance tracks employing dumpstered keyboards, cheap guitar pedals and literal toys in lieu of expensive synthesizers and mixing hardware for the mere fact that she cannot afford them. This in turn informs her characteristic sound.
It is from this resource-aware lens that Dailen strives to create opportunities and provide resources to others that may not get them otherwise. As such she has had her hand in the formation of several organizations, groups, and events around the city including RIPExpo, Binch Press, PVD Bike Collective, Que Dulce, and most recently Virga. She also privately teaches an intro to music production class and offers scholarships towards the specific end of providing more people with the tools to make their own marks on the RI producer scene.
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