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The Fine Art of Fixing


This inaugural exhibition mounted 150 artist works to honor the 150th anniversary of the Wedding Cake House being built. 
The exhibition has four components, each with different curators: Long term installations composed of commissions built into the space, flat works for viewing on the walls, literary and research projects presented in a book, and time-based pieces that were both on view in the house and through live performances and screenings.
Conceptually artists were asked to consider the following; pattern and the textile materials acquisitioned from the house in the collections of the RISD Museum and URI, decoration and the ornate architecture of the house, the history of the neighborhood and city over the last 150 years, immigrant experiences, changing ideas within feminism and concepts of sisterhood, as well as big picture ideas about what it means to repair both material things and relationships, cultures and histories. 
This scale of exhibition foregrounds the breadth and depth of extraordinary artists in Providence, in our extended community of artist run spaces, as well as artists who have built relationships with us from afar - seeking out models of alternative spaces that integrate feminism and identity in cooperative, accountable, and visionary ways. 


Curated and edited by Mary-Kim Arnold & Taylor Polities
Alexis Almeida   Andrea Feldman   Angela DiVeglia   Anne Elizabeth Moore   Becci Davis   Daphne Host  
Gina Mariela Rodríguez    Holly Gaboriault   Jacob Berendes   Janaya Kizzie   Joan D’Arc   Joanna Howard  
Joanna Ruocco   Julia Gualtieri   Kate Irvin   Mairead Byrne   Marcia Coné   Megan Manowitz   Noraa Kaplan   Rachel Lewallen   Sara Wintz   Sasha Wiseman   Sussy Santana   Suzanne Scanlan   Tina Cane   Walker Mettling

Curated by Faythe Levine

Aay Preston-Myint   Amy Moon   Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez   Andrew Moon Bain   Anneli Henriksson   Arthur Katrina Breanne Trammell   Bunnie Reiss   Caroline Paquita   Chris E. Vargas   Colleen Kinsella   Corey Grayhorse  
Corinne Teed   Corkey Sinks   Cyndi Wu   Dan Luedtke   E.T. Russian   Erin Rosenthal   Gina Favano  
Grace Rosario Perkins   Ivy Jeanne   Jen Corace   Jieun Reiner   JR Uretsky   Kate Klingbeil   Lauren Roche  
Leif Goldberg   Lindsay Beebe   Louise Jones (Ouizi)   Macon Reed   Maren Jensen   Mary Tremonte   Matt Runkle   Meredith Stern   Merrilee Challiss   Mica O’Herlihy   Mickey Zacchilli   Mike Pare   Monica Canilao   Natalja Kent   Noel Bennetto   O Horvath   Polina Malikin   Ruth Dealy   Sam Lopes   Sam Merritt/Double Vision Embroidery   Stacey Rozich   Suzy González   Tanya Aguiniga   Xara Thustra   Xiao Mei

Curated by Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez and JR Uretsky
Alicia Rodríguez Alvisa   Assembly of Light Choir   Ayana Evans   Cody Ross   Dana Heng   Daniella Ben-Bassat   Greta Scheing   Jessie Stead   Jo Dery   Jodie Mack   Joiri Minaya   K. funmilayo aileru   Kelly Gallagher  
Lani Asuncion   Maralie Armstrong-Rial   Marsha Parilla   Megan and Murray McMillan   Michelle Handelman  
Mimi Chrzanowski   Rachel Blumberg   Rashin Fahandej   Reba Mitchell   Sandrine Schaefer   Sherenté Harris  
Shey Rivera

Curated by Xander Marro & Pippi Zornoza

Aaron DeMuth   Aaron Peterman   Alison Nitkiewicz   Anne Tait   Arley Rose Torsone   Cybele Collins   Dave Allyn   Edie Fake   Elizabeth Potenza   Erika Tazberik   Heather Benjamin   Hilary Treadwell     Ian Cozzens   Jenine Bressner Jill Colinan   Jim Drain   Joseph Gulezian   Josephine Devanbu   Jungil Hong   Kristina L Brown   Lara Henderson  
Lisa Oppenheim   Liz Collins   Lu Heintz   Marguerite Keyes   Matt Cavallaro   Meredith Younger   Michael Menchaca Nicki Green   Nidal Fakhouri   Nina Ruelle   Oblique Studio   Priscilla Carrion   Providence Painted Signs  
Richard Goulis   Roma Devanbu   Rue Sakayama   Sakiko Mori   Sarah Jean Rovenko   Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels   Shirin Adhami   Simcha Davis   The Steelyard   Steven Faria   Twig Harper   Will Reeves
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